Protecting Our Great Outdoors.

A hiker, hunter, angler, and committed conservationist, Dan Scripps knows that Michigan’s Great Outdoors define our way of life – especially here in Northwest Michigan. Dan is well known and respected for his commitment to preserving Michigan’s natural resources – including a lifetime 100% voting record from leading conservation organizations.

Outside the Legislature, Dan has worked with the Leelanau Conservancy to create a nationally recognized farmland preservation program, and currently works with communities across the state to expand advanced energy and sustainability efforts.

As our State Representative, Dan will again lead the fight to protect the Great Lakes, to support outdoor recreation opportunities, to expand recycling in Michigan, and to make Michigan a leader in addressing the threats of climate change.

Protect the Great Lakes

 The Great Lakes define our state – both literally and figuratively. And the Great Lakes have no greater ally than Dan Scripps.

Dan will work to address the many threats to the Great Lakes, including working to shut down Enbridge’s pipeline that runs through the Straits. Enbridge forever lost our trust as a result of the 2010 pipeline rupture along the Kalamazoo River that resulted in the worst inland oil spill in U.S. history. A similar failure in the Straits would be an environmental and economic catastrophe. It’s time for Enbridge’s Line 5 to go.

Dan will also work to enforce the Great Lakes Compact to protect against water diversions outside the Great Lakes basin, lead in the fight against Asian carp and other invasive species, oppose Canada’s nuclear waste dump on the shores of Lake Huron, ban commercial fish farming in the Great Lakes, and enact constitutional protections against oil and gas drilling in the Great Lakes.

Protecting the Great Lakes is the right thing to do. But it can also be an economic driver if Michigan chooses to lead in the “Blue Economy.” That’s why Dan will work to make Michigan a global leader in freshwater research and conservation.

Support outdoor recreation opportunities

A walk in the woods. Teaching your son or daughter to hunt, and seeing the expression on their face when they get their first deer. Watching the sun come up as you cast for salmon or steelhead during the fall run. These are the experiences that define us as those lucky enough to call Northwest Michigan home.

Dan Scripps shares these values, and will work to protect and expand opportunities for outdoor recreation. A strong supporter of Michigan’s state parks, Dan helped write the Michigan Recreation Passport law that’s boosted funding for our parks and improved their amenities. He supports a ‘no net loss’ policy to ensure we don’t whittle away our public lands. He’ll work to reinstate tax credits for gifts to local land conservancies, and will keep natural lands natural by opposing the coercion of land conservancies to allow ATVs and other uses on protected lands. And Dan will work with Michigan hunters and anglers to encourage the next generation to enjoy our Great Outdoors.

Expand recycling in Michigan

Dan shares Governor Snyder’s goal of doubling Michigan’s recycling rate to at least 30%, and will be a champion in the Legislature to expand recycling in Michigan.

Make Michigan a leader in combatting climate change

Dan agrees with the overwhelming consensus of those in the scientific community that climate change is real, and that it is caused by human activity – specifically the burning of fossil fuels. And Dan also understands that a thoughtful approach to combatting climate change is an enormous economic opportunity for Michigan.

Dan would have the state government lead by example by doubling the energy efficiency of state buildings, and would partner with villages, townships, cities and counties in supporting local climate and energy initiatives.

Dan also believes we need to accelerate the transition away from coal to energy sources with lower greenhouse gas emissions, expand energy efficiency, renewable energy, and building efficiency goals, and boost the number of electric vehicles and other alternative fuel vehicles on Michigan’s roads.

Our environment is just too important not to act. If you agree, sign up to volunteer today.