Good Jobs in a Growing Economy.

Dan Scripps is focused on creating good jobs, increasing incomes for local workers, supporting small businesses, and strengthening Michigan’s middle class.

Too many families are struggling, caught between flat wages or fixed incomes and higher costs for everything from health care to child care and college tuition.

Dan will work to better the lives of local families by rebuilding Michigan’s infrastructure, encouraging broad-based economic development, ensuring a competitive and predictable business climate, developing, attracting, and retaining a talented workforce, supporting rural communities, and expanding opportunity and strengthening Michigan’s middle class.

Growing jobs in growing industries

Dan has been a strong and consistent supporter of Michigan’s successful Pure Michigan tourism effort, and knows that any representative from Northwest Michigan needs to lead in supporting these efforts.

But we also need good-paying, year-round jobs, which is why Dan will work to target key Michigan strengths, including agriculture, manufacturing, energy, and water – which are also the strengths of Northwest Michigan. Unfortunately, the current Legislature has allowed deep cuts to our economic development programs. Dan will work to restore funding to the Michigan Economic Development Corporation, paired with greater oversight on how tax dollars are spent.

Dan also understands that in today’s economy it’s critically important to support and grow Michigan’s entrepreneurial culture. For too long, economic development in Michigan has focused almost exclusively on large-scale manufacturing and big box retail at the expense of the smaller, nimbler, more entrepreneurial outfits that create sustainable economies in the 21st century. Investing in small businesses and entrepreneurs strengthens both local economies and local communities. Dan will lead to promote economic development strategies that support entrepreneurs working to develop new companies and industries.

Ensure a competitive and predictable business climate

If Michigan is to be successful, we need to be a state where businesses look to locate and grow. Dan will – as he has in the past – work with the business community to improve Michigan’s economic competitiveness.

Dan will also utilize his financial background to expand access to capital for businesses looking to expand. Dan’s first bill in the Legislature was to help entrepreneurs and small businesses access new pools of funding, and as Chair of the House Banking and Financial Services Committee Dan worked with Michigan manufacturers to get the financing they needed to diversify and grow.

Develop, attract, and retain a talented Michigan workforce

Dan will lead the legislative push to build a Michigan talent agenda to develop, attract, and retain the highly-talented, highly-educated citizenry that Michigan needs to succeed in today’s knowledge economy.

To do this, we must recognize those factors that drive talent attraction and retention, including welcoming and inclusive social policies, livable communities, and access to natural amenities. Dan will lead in amending Michigan’s non-discrimination policies to make Michigan a more welcoming state to people of all backgrounds. He’ll also work to promote the vibrancy of Michigan’s communities, partnering with local governments on public safety, transportation, housing, and cultural initiatives. And Dan will continue to be a champion in protecting the Great Lakes and Michigan’s unmatched natural resources.

At the same time, we need to do much more to grow tomorrow’s workforce through sustained investment in education from pre-k through higher education. State support for universities has fallen by more than 40% over the past decade. This sustained disinvestment has made college unaffordable for many of Michigan’s students at a time when a college education has become a necessity in today’s global marketplace. Dan will work to develop the workforce of the future by preserving and strengthening public education, expanding early learning opportunities, and investing in higher education to make college affordable for every Michigander.

Rebuild Michigan’s infrastructure

For too long, Michigan lawmakers have passed the buck and played the blame game while Michigan’s roads and bridges crumble and fail. The recent roads bill – which raises taxes and fees on those who can least afford it, disincentivizes innovation and Michigan manufacturing through additional fees on hybrid and electric vehicles, and won’t even take effect until after those who voted for it are out of office – is a clear example of what happens when political concerns trump the public good.

Going beyond roads and bridges, we also need to build the infrastructure of the 21st Century: high speed internet, universal cellular reception, and a modern electrical grid.

Fortunately, we already have some tools in the toolbox. Dan will work to expand the state’s existing infrastructure bank and will push to establish a Michigan Green Bank to leverage private capital for energy and climate investments. Dan previously worked with the Coalition for Green Capital to establish the nation’s first Green Bank, and has seen first-hand how other states are able to partner with private capital in expanding their state infrastructure, energy, and climate initiatives while producing a greater Return on Investment for taxpayers.

Support rural communities

Dan is proud of his roots in rural Michigan, and he knows that our small towns and farming communities are too often left out of Lansing’s economic development strategies.

Dan will support the rural communities of Northwest Michigan by expanding assistance to the Michigan small businesses that line our Main Streets, reinstating tax credits for gifts to the local community foundations that give back so much, and fully funding the work of MSU Extension and the Agriculture Experiment Stations.

Expand opportunity and strengthen the middle class

Michigan can’t do well unless the people of Michigan are doing well. Michigan’s success can’t just be measured in the gross state product, but by whether our neighbors have a fair shot to get ahead.

Dan will work to reverse the trends that have seen average Michigan incomes fall to among the lowest in the country. He’ll make work pay and give hard-working people a path out of poverty by fully restoring the Earned Income Tax Credit. And he’ll support working families by maintaining Michigan’s prevailing wage laws, supporting organized labor, and reversing the right-to-work law that leaves too many people without a voice in the workplace.

And Dan will work to create pathways to prosperity for every Michigander, investing in preschool education, supporting our schools, reducing the burden of student debt to give every kid a chance at college, helping displaced workers re-enter the workforce with aggressive training and job placement programs, and working to protect the dream of a secure retirement for Michigan’s seniors.

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