Former Snyder Administration Officials, Local GOP Leaders Endorse Dan Scripps

Birkholz, Rustem join local county officials in supporting Scripps


NORTHPORT – A pair of former senior officials in Rick Snyder’s administration today joined a group of local Republican officials in endorsing Dan Scripps to be the next State Representative for Michigan’s 101st District. Endorsing Scripps today were former State Senator Patricia Birkholz, who Governor Snyder appointed to lead the Office of the Great Lakes following her fourteen years as a Republican legislator, and Bill Rustem, who previously served as Governor Snyder’s Director of Strategy. In addition, a group of local former Republican elected county officials also announced their support of Scripps. Those local leaders include:

·      Rory Heckman, former Benzie County Sheriff (2009-12)

·      David Shiflett, who served four terms on the Leelanau County Commission

·      Mary Tonneberger, former chair of the Leelanau County Commission

“I’m honored to have the support of thoughtful Republicans like Senator Birkholz and Bill Rustem, as well as local leaders who understand the challenges we face as a state transcend narrow ideological agendas,” said Scripps. “I’m looking forward to representing the diverse views of the people of the 101st District and focusing on workable solutions for moving Michigan forward.”

“We need more people who can work across the aisle to get things done for the people of Michigan,” said Rustem. “Dan Scripps has shown he can do just that.”

“I served with Dan Scripps in the Legislature and had the chance to work with him on a range of issues, from maintaining state control over our wetlands to promoting renewable energy and supporting early childhood education,” said Birkholz. “Regardless of the issue, Dan consistently focused on solutions, not politics. We need more people like Dan in public office.” 

Scripps Calls On Curt VanderWall To Renounce Support Of Donald Trump

NORTHPORT - Earlier today, Dan Scripps, candidate for State Representative in the 101st District, called on Republican candidate Curt VanderWall to renounce his support of Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump.

"Local voters deserve to know whether Curt VanderWall continues to believe Donald Trump is fit to lead our country as president and commander-in-chief," said Scripps. "In light of the deeply offensive comments from Donald Trump that were revealed yesterday, as well as the long litany of offensive statements directed at women, people with disabilities, military families, Latinos, immigrants, and others, it is more important than ever to send a strong message on where we place our values. The views of Donald Trump do not reflect the values of the people of Northwest Michigan, and I hope Curt VanderWall joins me in saying that he is unfit to be president."

At a forum held in Ludington in July, VanderWall expressed his unequivocal support for Donald Trump, saying, "I will support Donald Trump … He’s independent. He’s a self-thinker. And he doesn’t always necessarily think everything through before he says it."

On Friday, a video recording from 2005 surfaced in which the Republican presidential nominee makes a number of extremely lewd comments and brags about assaulting women. Since then, a number of leading Republicans have withdrawn their endorsement of Trump's candidacy, including Michigan Lieutenant Governor Brian Calley and U.S. Senator John McCain, among many others.

"This latest revelation just underscores exactly how unfit Donald Trump is to lead our country as president and commander-in-chief," said Scripps. "The question local voters are asking is whether Curt VanderWall is finally willing to put our country over his allegiance to the Republican Party, and revoke his support of Donald Trump."

Dan Scripps Pushes Back Against Republican Attacks

NORTHPORT— Dan Scripps, candidate for State Representative in Michigan’s 101st District, has launched a series of ads surrounding his position on water after recent attacks from his opponent Curt VanderWall and the special interest groups backing VanderWall’s campaign. These ads highlight Dan’s record as a champion for our water and natural resources, and refute the lies being told about legislation to protect our water - whether in the Great Lakes or our own private wells.

“With Curt VanderWall and his special interests continuing to repeat discredited attacks in a desperate effort to mislead voters, it is time to set the record straight,” said Scripps. “The special interests supporting my opponent are dumping money into this district because they know I can’t be bought, and that I will continue to be a strong, independent voice for the people of Northwest Michigan, not the special interests.”

During his previous service as State Representative, Dan sponsored legislation to stop big corporations from taking so much water that it would harm residential wells and sponsored another bill to prevent governments from ever taxing private wells. Efforts to spin that record into attacks in 2010 were discredited by every independent source that looked into the issue, including by former Republican Governor Bill Milliken, former state Agriculture Commissioner Don Coe, and the Ludington Daily News. Local voters know that Dan has a strong record of protecting both residential water and Michigan’s Great Lakes, and will continue to maintain that record if elected.

“Dan is a champion for our water and precious natural resources,” said Mike Berkowitz, Legislative and Political Director for the Michigan Chapter of Sierra Club. “At Sierra Club, our job is to protect Michigan’s water and Great Lakes. We stand up to corporate special interests each and every day. When it comes to issues of water, natural resources, and protecting residential wells, there is no one we trust more than Dan Scripps.”

House Candidate Scripps Speaks Out Against Negative Robo-Calls

Attack calls funded by murky group using ‘dark money’ to influence elections

NORTHPORT — Dan Scripps, the Democratic candidate for Michigan’s 101st House District, spoke out today against the role dark money continues to play in Michigan’s elections. The criticism comes in response to a series of candidate-specific robo-calls released throughout the state, targeting highly contested House races, including the one in the 101st District. The calls were funded by an organization known as the Better Michigan Fund.

“It’s understandable that trust in government is at a record low when dirty tactics like these are used to sway an election,” Scripps said. “The Better Michigan Fund takes money from undisclosed donors and uses it to try and influence the outcome of our election. If they are successful in installing Curt VanderWall in office, he’ll be beholden to them — but the voters won’t know who they are, or what their agenda is.”

Michigan currently ranks dead last in the country for transparency in government, and a large factor in that ranking is the saturation of “dark money,” or money given anonymously to political funds which are not required to disclose their donors, in its campaign cycles. Better Michigan Fund isn’t registered with the Michigan Secretary of State and has no public filings with the IRS or the Federal Election Commission, meaning it is impossible to know exactly where they’re drawing their money from.

When serving the 101st District as a state representative in 2010, Scripps introduced House Bill 6183 that would have reduced the influence of dark money in campaigns. Approximately 75 percent of VanderWall’s campaign funding comes from special interests, donors outside the district and dark money, while two-thirds of Scripps’ donations come from within the district.

“People deserve leaders they can trust,” Scripps said. “If Curt VanderWall can’t even denounce the use of dark money in this campaign, how can we trust him to do what’s right once he gets to Lansing? I urge my opponent to speak out against the use of dark money to buy elections and to condemn the Better Michigan Fund’s attempt to buy our election.” 


Sitting down with local community members throughout the region to hear their concerns

Northport - On Monday, August 1st, State House Candidate Dan Scripps will sit down with community members at coffee shops throughout the 101st District to listen to their concerns on local issues and the future they envision for the state of Michigan.

Scripps held several coffee hours during his previous service in the State House, and is eager to sit down with people again. “Listening to local people is critically important for anyone who wants to represent them,” says Scripps. “I’ve held more than 100 of these coffee hours, and both during this campaign and after the election, I intend to do the same.”

The meetings are free and open to anyone within each of the four counties in the district. Below are the times and locations of each meeting throughout the day:

  • The Redheads Cafe - 9 a.m. (202 W. Main St., Lake Leelanau)

  • Ursa Major Bistro - 11 a.m. (245 S. Benzie Blvd., Beulah)

  • Goody’s Juice & Java - 1 p.m. (343 River St., Manistee)

  • House of Flavors - 3 p.m. (402 West Ludington Ave., Ludington)

Scripps Campaign Rolls Out List of Endorsements

Support of Firefighters, Law Enforcement, Educators, Nurses, Labor, and Environmental and Women’s Health Advocates Helps Build Momentum


Northport - Momentum is building on the Scripps Campaign as several groups throughout Michigan have lined up to voice their support for Former State Representative Dan Scripps, who is seeking to again represent Michigan’s 101st District in the State House.

The endorsements announced today encompass a broad range of organizations with a significant presence in the 101st District, including:


  • Michigan Association of Police Organizations, which includes the Michigan State Troopers Association, the Michigan Association of Police, and the Michigan Corrections Organization, among others

  • Michigan Education Association (MEA)

  • Michigan Nurses Association

  • Michigan Professional Fire Fighters Union

  • Michigan Regional Council of Carpenters and Millwrights

  • Planned Parenthood Advocates of Michigan

  • Sierra Club of Michigan

  • UAW


“These endorsements, representing thousands of residents of Northwest Michigan, add to a campaign that is on the move and growing in support,” said Scripps. “From the men and women who keep our communities safe to those that teach our children and care for our loved ones, I’m proud to be working with a growing number of people and organizations for a government that puts people first and an economy that provides opportunities for everyone to succeed.”


Scripps Slams Decision to Allow First-Ever Diversion of Great Lakes Water


Northport - Former State Representative Dan Scripps today slammed the decision by Governor Snyder and other regional governors to approve a diversion of Great Lakes water to Waukesha, Wisconsin, a community that lies wholly outside the Great Lakes Basin.

“Today was the first test of the Great Lakes Compact, and the decision to allow a diversion of Great Lakes water shows we failed that test,” said Scripps, who is the Democratic candidate for the 101st District State House seat. “This is a sad day for the Great Lakes.”

Earlier today, the governors of each of the eight states that share the Great Lakes decided to approve Waukesha, Wisconsin’s request for a diversion of 8.2 millions gallons per day of Lake Michigan water for municipal use. Waukesha lies outside the Great Lakes Basin, and instead lies within the Mississippi River Basin. However, because it is located in Waukesha County, which straddles the Great Lakes and Mississippi River Basins, it was allowed to request a diversion under the terms of the Great Lakes Compact, which was approved in 2008.

The Compact was meant to ban communities outside of the Great Lakes Basin from diverting water from the Great Lakes. The law was created to safeguard the health of our waters, and to create responsible standards for conservation within the basin.

“Today’s approval of Waukesha’s diversion request opens the door to future diversions, and sets a dangerous precedent that puts us all at risk of an environmental disaster,” said Scripps. “Despite broad opposition - including opposition from Michigan Attorney General Bill Schuette, 11 of 14 members of Michigan’s Congressional delegation, State Senate Majority Leader Arlan Meekhoff, and thousands of Michigan residents who value the Great Lakes - Governor Snyder signed off on the first diversion of Great Lakes water. That’s shameful.”