Scripps Calls On Curt VanderWall To Renounce Support Of Donald Trump

NORTHPORT - Earlier today, Dan Scripps, candidate for State Representative in the 101st District, called on Republican candidate Curt VanderWall to renounce his support of Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump.

"Local voters deserve to know whether Curt VanderWall continues to believe Donald Trump is fit to lead our country as president and commander-in-chief," said Scripps. "In light of the deeply offensive comments from Donald Trump that were revealed yesterday, as well as the long litany of offensive statements directed at women, people with disabilities, military families, Latinos, immigrants, and others, it is more important than ever to send a strong message on where we place our values. The views of Donald Trump do not reflect the values of the people of Northwest Michigan, and I hope Curt VanderWall joins me in saying that he is unfit to be president."

At a forum held in Ludington in July, VanderWall expressed his unequivocal support for Donald Trump, saying, "I will support Donald Trump … He’s independent. He’s a self-thinker. And he doesn’t always necessarily think everything through before he says it."

On Friday, a video recording from 2005 surfaced in which the Republican presidential nominee makes a number of extremely lewd comments and brags about assaulting women. Since then, a number of leading Republicans have withdrawn their endorsement of Trump's candidacy, including Michigan Lieutenant Governor Brian Calley and U.S. Senator John McCain, among many others.

"This latest revelation just underscores exactly how unfit Donald Trump is to lead our country as president and commander-in-chief," said Scripps. "The question local voters are asking is whether Curt VanderWall is finally willing to put our country over his allegiance to the Republican Party, and revoke his support of Donald Trump."