Reconnecting People with State Government.

Too often, those we send to Lansing spend more time trying to advance a narrow partisan agenda than representing local interests.  Dan Scripps will be a State Representative that puts local people first – a true representative.

When Dan last represented us, he made sure local voices were heard by hosting monthly coffee hours in each of the four counties of the 101st District, as well as regular town hall meetings and other district events. He also managed an active and engaged constituency service operation to provide one-stop-shop access to state government.

More than 100 coffee hours. Dozens of district events. And responses to thousands of constituent requests, helping people with everything from unemployment insurance to assistance for small business owners. That’s what it means to be a Representative. That’s Dan Scripps.

Dan also understands that to reconnect people with their state government, elected officials need to restore people’s trust that their voices are being heard, and that big money and the special interests aren’t rigging the system. With a recent report ranking Michigan dead last in terms of transparency, we have a long ways to go! That’s why Dan will push for non-partisan redistricting to end partisan gerrymandering of legislative districts, so voters again choose their representative – not the other way around. Dan will advocate for meaningful campaign finance reform to ensure local voices aren’t drowned out by millionaires and billionaires, and he’ll work to remove barriers to voting, including automatic registration and no-reason absentee voting. And Dan will push for greater transparency in how decisions are being made by holding legislators to the same standard as other government officials when it comes to Freedom of Information Act requests for public information. 

It's time to bring accountability back to state government – and Dan is committed to do just that. Click below to receive updates from the campaign.